Luxury Meets Wilderness

A symbiosis of nature, seclusion and sophistication.

Your Private Haven

In perfect harmony with the nature. This is our vision of the perfect place to relax.

Luxurious and private Villas immerse you into the surrounding nature. The rhythm of nature can be sensed inside and outside. This connection calms your mind and improves your wellbeing.

By blurring the distinction between inside and out, these private retreats invite you to rest, relax or meditate while inhaling the pure fresh air and taking in the pristine, truly inspiring scenery around you.

To further support your efforts to ‘reset,’ our rooms do not have televisions. While digital detox is a key component of the Kuru experience, we do offer in-room WiFi.

We have 16 Villas and they can accommodate two adults per villa. All Villas have the same features but there are two types of views for you to choose from.

Lake Villa

Lake Villas are located at the edge of a steep hill and they offer an enchanting and unoccupied view towards the lake over a beautiful pine forest.

Nature Villa

Nature Villas are located further up the hill and from the wall-size windows there is a gorgeous view towards the lake over the Lake Villas.

Although we love children and animals, please note that the resort is only for adults. 🤍

Main features:

  • Lake Villa (measures approx 34 m2) with a king-size bed, open space concept with a fireplace
  • Outdoor patio (measures approx 20 m2) with floating chairs
  • Private Spa; bathtub, bathroom with shower & natural cosmetics vanity bag
  • Private Sauna
  • Optional Digital Detox
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Espresso machine & Kettle
  • Coffee tablewear
  • Safe
  • Minibar/fridge
  • Air conditioning
  • Luxurious Breakfast delivered in villa
  • Non-smoking
  • Private balcony
  • Maximum occupancy 2 adults

Private Spa & Sauna

Take a hot bath and enjoy the soothing ambiance. You can surround yourself in relaxing soundscapes or enjoy the silence.

Or enjoy the warmth and tension relieving experience of Sauna whilst admiring the calming nature scenery opening from the window. Let the hot steam melt away any stress or worry you might carry. Feel your shoulders relax and melt away from your ears. We also warmly encourage you to try a meditation practice in a sauna, you can find a guide for this from your Villa.


Sound sleep

The most important contributor to your health is good sleep. We introduce you to a groundbreaking sleep standard that adds a new dimension to your experience that can last a lifetime.

We’ve worked with sleep researchers, doctors and sleep specialists to set the basics such as optimal bedding and the day rhythm to support serene sleep. And we have entire rituals to assure your sleep is of the highest quality. And if you want to learn the techniques to a good night’s sleep, our wellness experts help you with private coaching.


Relaxation package

The only goal for your vacation in Kuru is a total relaxation and we want to offer the best possible conditions for this in the Villas.

In each Villa there is a relaxation package that includes tools to help you to relax and rewind: guides for relaxation practices, playlists for each mood and much more. Relaxation package also includes Hetkinen Metsä SPA -products so you can indulge your body in the privacy of your own villa.

“The Finnish forest landscape and it’s unique and pure raw materials are the foundation of this sauna/spa product line. In our cosmetics, we use raw materials from the forest in a new and fresh way. These materials can be seen, smelled, and felt just like you would be in the middle of a calming forest. Also, you can feel the healing power of the forest on your skin.”

Hetkinen Metsä SPA -products are included in the room price and you are welcome to take the excess products home with you.