At Your Service

We want to offer you an unforgettable stay in the midst of peace and quiet. 

Story of Kuru Resort

We live in a world where a full calendar, a phone with non-stop notifications and a constant rush are part of our everyday life. In the middle of this flood of information and stimuli both the mind and the body are under a lot of stress. And to reverse this, we need a place free of any demands or obligations.

We want to offer our guests an unique luxury experience and an optimum setting to letting go. Prestige premises are combined with astonishing Finnish nature, as the healing power of nature has been shown in several studies the past years. Kuru is located in the midst of a beautiful pine forest by an amazing lake. Nature can be experienced everywhere in Kuru, also indoors thanks to a wall size windows in all building.

Kuru is gentle and slow. We offer a place to rewind and be lazy. Every small detail in the resort is designed to help you calm down and relax – the smells, the music, and the materials included.

In Kuru you don’t need to do anything. Being lazy is the most important activity of your vacation. To support your recovery we offer daily relaxation activities that are included to the room price. Gorgeous Kuru Spa offers a variety of indulging treatments to our guests wishing for extra pampering.


We are excited to invite you to an unforgettable stay at Kuru Resort. Your visit is uniquely created based on your preferences to make your stay relaxing and uplifting.

Our customer care will be delighted to help you, please email us

or give us a call +358 29 0024400.

For international tour operators and travel agencies, please contact:

Reception in Kuru Resort is open daily from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

At other times we serve in the Järvisydän reception (800m away) in address Porosalmentie 313.

How to get here?

We know you may have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy your well-deserved stay with us. We are delighted to help you reach our unique destination in one of Finland’s most beautiful locations. Our customer care will gladly help you to organize the transportation to Kuru Resort –

By Car
Address for your navigator:
Kuruntie 22 (or if you have an older map, use Porosalmentie 313) 58900, Rantasalmi

By car to Kuru Resort:
Savonlinna 55 km / 45 min, Varkaus 38 km / 35 min, Mikkeli 90 km / 1 h 20 min, Helsinki 320 km / 3 h 30 min, Jyväskylä 170 km / 2 h 15 min, Kuopio 110 km / 1 h, Savonlinna airport 67 km / 1 h, Kuopio airport 114 km / 1,5 h

By Airplane
To Savonlinna or Kuopio from where we can arrange a taxi Transfer to Kuru Resort.

Check all flight connections from here:
Flights to Savonlinna (transport to Kuru Resort 50min)
Flights to Kuopio (transport to Kuru Resort 1,5h)

Taxi Transfer to Kuru Resort: from Savonlinna 140€/1-4 persons/ one way, from Kuopio 330 €/1-4 persons/ one way. We will arrange your taxi transfer upon request.

By Train
By train to Savonlinna, Varkaus, Pieksämäki or Mikkeli, we can arrange a taxi transfer to Kuru Resort.

Check the train timetables from here.

Taxi transfer from the train stations to Kuru Resort: from Savonlinna (40 min) 130 €/ 1-4 persons, from Varkaus (30 min)  130€/ 1-4 persons, from Pieksämäki (60min) 220 €/ 1-4 person and from Mikkeli (90 min) 300 €/ 1-4 person.