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Discover internationally well known Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic Treatments and let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world. Benefit from the unique “savoir faire” and experience of a prestigious brand best known for its use of essential oils and plant extracts to create highly effective products of the highest possible quality.

The Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments combine massage rituals from all over the world, created with the respect of local traditions and the power of aromatherapy, to reunify body and mind. The Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments exist in different versions for face and body, each has its own specific massage technique designed to meet the needs of each skin and its dream answer.

Relaxing atmosphere, soothing massage, and enchanting essential oils ensure a unique experience with each treatment.

We welcome you to start or finish your treatment with steam sauna or outdoor jacuzzi which are included to all of the treatments. Refreshing beverages at the end of your visit are also included.


The Expert Phyto-Aromatic facials

Hydrating Facial – 70 min / 248€
Designed with dehydrated skin in mind, the Phyto-Aromatic Hydrating Facial is extremely gentle, leaving the skin fresh and petal-soft

Nourishing Facial – 70 min / 248€
Rich and unctuous, the Phyto-Aromatic Nourishing Facial has been designed to treat dry skin types lacking lipids. With extreme richness, this treatment helps the skin regain its elasticity and a wonderful sensation of comfort

Radiance Facial – 70 min / 248€
Before a party or to erase fatigue or stress on a complexion, the Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial is a must as the effects are immediate: all signs of fatigue vanish, the skin is radiant and luminous

Restorative Facial – 70 min / 248€
A precious moment of relaxation for stressed or irritated skin, the Phyto-Aromatic Restorative Facial is incredibly gentle. Skin is soothed and regains its vitality, comfort and bygone serenity

Plumping Facial – 70 min / 248€
A true olfactive and sensorial journey at the heart of the Black Rose, the Phyto-Aromatic Plumping Facial reveals the radiance and the beauty of a smooth skin, gorged with vitality. The complexion is luminous, the skin regains bounce and softness

Purifying Facial – 70 min / 248€
Designed for combination, oily and problem skins, the Phyto-Aromatic Purifying Facial cleanses and purifies the skin while maintaining its water balance. The pores are tightened, the skin purified and the complexion evened out. The face restores its transparency, freshness and glow

The Phyto-Aromatic Facial for Men – 70 min / 248€
Exclusively designed for men, the Phyto-Aromatic Facial for Men offers a moment of relaxation thanks to a very specific ritual. It combines efficiency and well-being for a hydrated, toned and fatigue-released skin

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The Phyto-Aromatic Intensive Hydrating Facial – 100 min / 332€
The Phyto-Aromatic Intensive Hydrating Facial draws upon Sisley’s extensive anti-aging expertise for a unique experience. Concentrated in active ingredients which encourage water circulation within the epidermis, the treatment helps restore the ideal water balance in the skin. More supple and toned, the skin regains the bounce, glow and radiance of a young skin.

The Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial – 100 min / 332€
In 100 unforgettable minutes, the Phyto-Aromatic Sisleÿa Facial offers a complete treatment involving sophisticated procedures, with in-depth remodeling and the restoring of a youthful skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. The epidermis is toned, firmer, more resilient. Skin appears younger and healthier.

The Phyto-Aromatic Youthful Energizing Facial – 100 min / 332€
This youth capital protector treatment, energizes to fight the very first signs of skin aging. Skin is instantly moisturized, revitalized and energized. Following the treatment, the complexion is fresher and more luminous

The Phyto-Aromatic Revitalizing Facial for Men – 100 min / 332€
This anti-aging ritual, specifically elaborated for men’s skin, combines effectiveness and well-being for a firmer skin and smoothed wrinkles. The features are relaxed, the skin regains radiance and vitality

The Phyto-Aromatic Supreme Anti-Aging Facial – 100 min / 367€
Sisley has designed a 100-minute treatment incorporating 20 minutes of muscular remodeling to instantly revitalize the skin. Using an exclusive sequence of highly effective massage techniques, its protocol includes Sisley’s Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care Supremÿa – At Night. The features seem redefined, lines are smoothed, skin is more toned.


The Well-Being Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatments

The Zen Harmony Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment – 90 min / 274€
*With the Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment (below) 120 min / 352€
The Zen Harmony Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment offers a journey at the heart of 
an aromatic Californian massage, with added variations of intensity, techniques, and scents. During the massage, no body part will be neglected. This treatment provides extremely relaxing and regenerating benefits.

The Intensive Hydrating Energizing Phyto- Aromatic Body Treatment – 90 min / 274€
*With the Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment (below) 120 min / 352€

The Intensive Hydrating Energizing Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment is performed with vitality. Combined with the benefits of essential oils, it brings softness and well-being to the body. Energy is rebalanced and the body is revitalized.

*The Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment
The unique Phyto-Aromatic Exfoliating Body Treatment combines aromatherapy and the effectiveness of an all-over reinvigorating body scrub, for a soft and smooth skin to the touch. It is recommended before any body treatment. 



The purpose of this spa etiquette is to ensure that the spa experience is relaxing for all of our guests. A peaceful and quiet environment is required for everyone to fully enjoy their treatments, so we kindly ask you to whisper and keep your phone on silent.

We recommend to arrive to the spa 30 minutes prior your appointment so that you can begin your journey to the relaxation with a steam sauna and jacuzzi. We kindly ask you to inform us in case you are going to be late so that we can prepare. We also recommend you to spare some time after your treatment for a slow return to your day.


While making a reservation, please let us know in case you have any health regarded matters that we should be aware of (such as pregnancy, medication, or disease).

When you arrive to Kuru Spa, you will receive a pre-information form that we kindly ask you to fill. We will guide you to the dressing room where there is a robe and slippers waiting for you. There is also a basket for your personal belongings that you are welcomed to take with you to the treatment room. For some of the treatments you will reserve disposable underwear and a hair net but for others we kindly ask you to leave your underwear on. Most of our treatments begin with a foot bath and a head massage that are included to the overall time of the treatment.


After your treatment we welcome you to enjoy complimentary refreshments at the lounge of the spa. We recommend you to take a slow and gentle return to your day. We are happy to answer any questions regarding treatments or the practicalities of your visit.

We hope you enjoy your time at Kuru Spa!