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Kuru Signature -treatments are designed for a comprehensive relaxation and stress relief. We offer a selection of classic treatments that will take the relaxing effect of your vacation to the next level.

Healing touch, hot stones, and high quality products will take you to a deep space of relaxation. In our peaceful and stylish spa both the mind and the body are relaxed and rejuvinated.

We welcome you to start or finish your treatment with steam sauna or outdoor jacuzzi which are included to all of the treatments.

Stress no more – head massage 45 min / 132 €
Relaxing and soft head, neck, and shoulder massage. Essential oils and hot stones take you to a deep space of relaxation. This treatment leaves you both relaxed and refreshed at the same time.

Whisper of Kuru – facial massage 45 min / 132 €
A facial massage that relieves tension and reduces swelling, making your skin brighter, firmer, and healthier. The massage boosts the blood circulation of the skin which accelerates the renewing of the skin.

Treasure of Serenity – complete foot massage 60 min / 168 €
A perfect moment of serenity. This devine treatment begins with a cleaning and relaxing hot stone foot bath whilst your hands are being massaged. After a soft salt rub and relaxing hot stone massage, your feet will rest inside of warm wraps while you enjoy a rewinding head massage.

Complete relax – classic massage
60 min / 173€
90 min / 224€
Classic massage nurtures your body effectively by releasing muscle tension. Massage is suitable for everybody and is good for prevention of muscle tension as well as to release existing tension. Massage is tailored to your wishes. The healing touch leaves your body relaxed and vibrant.

Path to tranquility -SPA hieronta
60 min / 173€
90 min / 224€
SPA massage is a gentle and relaxing full body massage with calm movements. During the massage, whole body is first dry brushed which exfoliates the skin lightly, and then massaged with gentle touch. The treatment is lighter than a classic massage to relax both the mind and the body.

Sense of Harmony -aromatherapy 90 min / 245 €
Aromatherapy is a comprehensive holistic healing treatment that includes a massage with essential oils.

The essential oils used for aromatherapy are extracted from flowers, trees, bushes, fruits, and herbs by distilling or cold pressing. During the treatment, the essential oils are inhaled as well as absorbed through the skin and they have several effective features that work both physically as well as mentally.

Aromatherapy can be used to release tension in muscles and joints, boost immune system and metabolism or to refresh and energize.

Touch of Nature – Hot stone massage 90 min / 245 €
Hot stone massage is a thousands of years old form of treatment that has been used as a part of oriental medicine. This massage accelerates the renewal of skin and muscle tissue by boosting the circulation of blood. This treatment activates and clears the energy centers of the body which has a comprehensive effect on the body and soul.

Hot stone massage is recommended to anyone with a poor peripheral circulation or chronic muscular pain. It releases stress and tension effectively and is especially suited to help with insomnia.

In this treatment the whole body is treated gently with hot stones from the soles of the foot all the way to the face. Velvety smooth hot stones feel divine on your skin.


Tibetan singing bowl treatment 60min / 156€
234€ / 2 persons
Tibetan singing bowl treatment is a form of holistic treatment where different type of bowls are played by massaging and striking the bowls with a special mallet. The lingering soft sound of these unique instruments takes you to a unique journey of relaxation. The healing effect of the singing bowls is based on vibration – the vibration of the bowls resonates deep in to the fluids of our bodies. This treatment takes you to a deep state of relaxation and the effect is enchanting.




The purpose of this spa etiquette is to ensure that the spa experience is relaxing for all of our guests. A peaceful and quiet environment is required for everyone to fully enjoy their treatments, so we kindly ask you to whisper and keep your phone on silent.

We recommend to arrive to the spa 30 minutes prior your appointment so that you can begin your journey to the relaxation with a steam sauna and jacuzzi. We kindly ask you to inform us in case you are going to be late so that we can prepare. We also recommend you to spare some time after your treatment for a slow return to your day.


While making a reservation, please let us know in case you have any health regarded matters that we should be aware of (such as pregnancy, medication, or disease).

When you arrive to Kuru Spa, you will receive a pre-information form that we kindly ask you to fill. We will guide you to the dressing room where there is a robe and slippers waiting for you. There is also a basket for your personal belongings that you are welcomed to take with you to the treatment room. For some of the treatments you will reserve disposable underwear and a hair net but for others we kindly ask you to leave your underwear on. Most of our treatments begin with a foot bath and a head massage that are included to the overall time of the treatment.


After your treatment we welcome you to enjoy complimentary refreshments at the lounge of the spa. We recommend you to take a slow and gentle return to your day. We are happy to answer any questions regarding treatments or the practicalities of your visit.

We hope you enjoy your time at Kuru Spa!